Value Through Ideas

Whether we’re transforming research into new products & services,
or aiding young startups with getting to market successfully,
Validé is all about innovation.

InnoMeds Innovasjonskonferanse 2017

Årets konferanse har tittelen “Samskaping”, og en rekke spennende foredragsholdere vil belyse dette temaet ut fra ulike synsvinkler: Hva sier forskningen? – Pasientperspektivet – Utfordringer som ledere i primær- og spesialisthelsetjenesten har – Samskaping ved utvikling av en bedre pleie- og omsorgstjeneste – Tjenestedesignperspektivet – Samskaping og næringsutvikling – Teknologi- og tjenesteutvikling – Konkrete eksempler.

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100 Pitches at DNB NXT

Want to pitch your idea in front of hundreds of investors, and have the chance of winning 300.000,- and tickets to Slush? Apply to pitch at DNB NXT at Nordic Edge Expo, where the winner get the opportunity to pitch on stage at the main DNB NXT event during Oslo Innovation Week.

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Evaluated in 2016
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Raised by portfolio companies in 2016
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Early stage facilitation

Validé fully facilitates innovation projects from the early R&D phase until commercialisation by providing expertise in technology management, startups, incubation, investment, IPR and IP portfolio management, transactions, technology marketing, prototyping and product development.

Validé is the official technology transfer office of 10 research institutes and responsible for the IP portfolio management and commercialisation of their intellectual assets. Validé offers incubation services to high-tech startups including accelerator programs, office space and full service startup packages.


We offer funding through various investment schemes including angel, pre-seed and venture capital funding and regional, national and international public funding schemes.

Our goal

Validé aims to become a world-class technology transfer office and incubator serving regional actors and providing a global outreach.

The two merging companies (Prekubator TTO AS and Ipark AS) will still be legal entities responsible for their technology and venture portfolios and all previous contracts. All contracts and decisions related to activity and portfolio management will be dealt with by Validé personnel as everyone from Prekubator TTO and Ipark are now employed by Validé.

And we are…