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The winner of the ITSA program will be offered a 500 000 NOK investment from Validé. The winner will also be a candidate for the fund Validé Invest and a minimum investment of 2 mill. NOK.

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ITSA is a 12 weeks Business Accelerator Program for Tech Startups. We gather once a week for a full day meeting with pitch training, feedback, workshops, lectures, food and mingling with business partners. The last day of the program is the Open Demo & Pitch Day Competition. On the Open Demo & Pitch Day Competition, a jury selects the best company, and the company will get a 500 000 NOK offer of investment from Validé and will also be a candidate for a 2 mill NOK minimum investment from Validé Invest AS.



  • The best company will be offered a place in the Validé Incubator and a 500 000 NOK investment from Validé and will also be a candidate for the Validé Investment Fund and a 2 mill NOK minimum investment
  • The best ITSA company will be picked out on the Open Pitch Day & Competition, by a jury
  • The ITSA program will consist of 12 full day gatherings (09:00-15:00) including two company pitch and selection days and one open pitch and competition day. This also includes 20 lectures on business development & sharings from experienced founders
  • Each ITSA company will get a business advisor from Validé and will get a one-to-one meeting each week during the program
  • The ITSA program has a fee of 20 000 NOK pr. company
  • Free Workspace for participants in Ipark NEST during the program
  • We offer breakfast, lunch and the possibility to mingle & meet with our network including investors
  • The ITSA Companies that are not present incubator companies, will be possible candidates for the Validé Incubator at the end of the ITSA program
  • Student companies can apply to the Plogen program for additional support. For more information and qualification criteria please visit: Before applying pleace take contact with the program manager.



  • Make better Startup companies!
  • Give insight and acceleration in business development for Startup companies
  • Urge startups to work to verify one or more MVPs to find a market fit as fast as possible
  • Development of one or more business models
  • Development of a Investor presentation
  • Pitch training & feedback
  • Development of network to external partners, customers, co-participants and investors
  • ITSA is a general business accelerator program and we expect participating companies to transform insights and learnings to develop and accelerate the companies specific concept, MVP, marked and business model.



The program will have 12 full day gatherings for startups and partners. The full day gatherings will consist of company pitch with feedback, lectures on Business development, Lean Startup, MVP, marketing, legal matters, racing capital, sharings from entrepeneurs, mingling with partners and breakfast & lunch.

The Pitch sessions for the participating companies will be based on weekly tasks, and the goal of the pitch sessions is to accelerate business development for each participating company and develop a Investor presentation during the program.

The last full day Gathering is the Open Demo Day & Pitch day Competition. The best ITSA company wil get an invitation to the Validé Incubator program and a offer of a 500 000 NOK investment from Validé.


Contact Gry Isabel Sannes for more information:
T: +47 40 87 20 75