ITSA is a 3 Month intensive program built to get your startup accelerated, tested in the market, and launched forward with investment.
In the ITSA community Startups – Founders – Investors – Mentors – Industrial Partners – All come together in one place.
The winner of the ITSA program will be offered a 500 000 NOK investment from Validé. The winner will also be a candidate for the fund Validé Invest and a minimum investment of 1 mill. NOK.

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Our mission

Our mission is to give early-stage startups the tools, ecosystem support, and pitch confidence to boost business into a reality.

Our program is packed with lectures, workshops, and guest speakers to give your startup a strong foundation to grow from. Our hands-on approach to workshops means that we don’t only show you want you need to do, we do it with you. We have a strong team of mentors and ambassadors that will open up customer and investment leads for you.

We are powered by Valide. That means we have over 20 years experience in developing new businesses, and since January 2016 have successfully completed 4 ITSA programs. Batch 5 starts in November 2018 and we want you there.

Digital tool kits

We partner with technology, software and service companies to give you the tools you need to succeed. At heavily discounted prices – and usually free.

Learn to pitch

Every startup has to pitch – to investors, to partners, to customers – and even your Mom. You need to be prepared for each. At ITSA, you will break through all barriers and have a 5 minute pitch you can use for any situation.

Connect + learn

We facilitate workshops with key partners, bring in speakers for insight, and connect you to our network of mentors, startups, and alumni – all powered by Validé.

MVP Development and Testing

What is your ideal MVP? How do you get feedback from potential customers?
Test MVP. Test customers. Test market. Get feedback. Pivot, tweak, and test some more. Produce a customer and market analytics report

Contact Gry Isabel Sannes for more information:
T: +47 40 87 20 75