Jan Helge Strømnes

Graduate engineer in production technology and business administration (Narvik University College). Management program for interaction and leadership (Norwegian School of Management).

11 years as general manager/senior consultant at SMI Energi & Miljø AS (a consultancy company). Entrepreneur, created a company from ground-up that was sold in 2015. Senior energy consultant at Lyse Energi for 8 years where I worked on energy-efficiency/improvements, district heating, natural gas and primary energy planning.

Key competences/specialization
Business development, strategies, renewable energy, environment, sustainability. I have worked with energy, environment, and sustainability my entire professional life. My professional specializations revolve around energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable solutions for energy development areas, buildings and energy plants. I also have years of experience as an entrepreneur and I have led an innovative business and worked as project manager on exciting energy and environmental projects.