During week four, Kluge and Håmsø held yet another information seminar for participants in Validé’s business incubator.

Companies participating in Validé’s incubator program, as well as its IPartners, were recently invited to one of Validé’s recurring information seminars. Representatives from Kluge, which specializes in commercial law, and Håmsø, which offers services related to IPR and patents, held a seminar to share knowledge about how to best protect business assets.

Participants were given a description of the different types of business assets and the various actions a company can take to protect them. Information was then presented explaining how a company can adapt its business structure to best safeguard business assets.

Among other valuable pieces of advice, the participants were advised that, even after patent protection is granted, it’s in their companies’ best interest to be very selective with whom they share business asset information.

As always, the seminar’s attendees received invaluable information from Kluge and Håmsø.

For those interested, the seminar will be held again later in 2017.

For information, please contact Marit Størseth, manager, food & nature group, Validé:

phone: +47 475 00 045
e-mail: marit@valide.no

Author: Simen Malmin

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