Are you a student of a researcher who has an innovative idea?

Please contact us!

We are passionate about innovation and we are looking forward to discussing your ideas with you. Our team of skilled innovators, business developers, lawyers and IP managers will help you with evaluating your ideas potential and realize the idea as a product or service. Please contact one of our team members directly or send a general inquiry to  if you have an idea to discuss or you would like to know more about Validé’s Technology Transfer Office.

During our process we will ask you to fill inn a “Disclosure of Innovation” form aka DOFI. This is a great document for us to review and we will highly appreciate of you could describe your ida using this template. You can find the DOFI template here.

Please also have a look at our Plogen Program, a low threshold grant of up to NOK 50.000, that you can use for early innovation work.




The Tech Transfer Team: