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Validé TTO’s main mission is to close the gap between science and industry by building a solid and sustainable bridge between inventors and industrial partners.

We are passionate about innovation and we are looking forward to discussing your ideas with you. Our team of skilled innovators, business developers, lawyers, and IP managers will help you with evaluating your idea’s potential and realize the idea as a product or service. If you have an idea to discuss or would like to know more about Validé’s Technology Transfer Office, please contact one of our team members directly or send a general inquiry to

As the Technology Transfer Office for the main research institutions in the Stavanger Region, we are responsible for transforming their innovative ideas into products and services that will benefit society. Our process involves every stage of the innovation chain from the identification of innovative ideas to licensing or start-up venture. The process also includes securing Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), innovation management, and business development.


Validé TTO’s primary functions include:

  • Encouraging the disclosure of new discoveries and ideas
  • Establishing and maintaining a professional and supportive innovation culture
  • Identifying and managing new innovative projects and the research institutions’ IP portfolio
  • Securing intellectual property rights
  • Closing the founding gap between the discovery of new ideas and the proof of concept
  • Generating revenues for inventors and research institutions
  • Developing and maintaining strong collaboration with industry and commercial partners
  • Enforcing commercial awareness and motivation among researchers
  • Licensing technologies

Validé TTO has a highly qualified and experienced team that includes professionals with both scientific and business backgrounds.


  • Innovation management
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • Idea and IP evaluation
  • Risk Management and Quality Assurance
  • Market research and Commercial Strategy
  • Market and commercial partner evaluation
  • Licensing and start-up ventures
  • Education and training

 Tech Transfer Team Members