The Innovation Process

Every idea and innovation is different, but they often go through the following process, from identification to commercial success.

1. Identification

This is stage where you tell us about your idea. It could be an informal chat first then you will proceed to fill inn an Innovation Disclosure Form (DOFI). Here you will provide us with a detailed description, drawings, publications, background, status, etc.

2. Screening

During the screening process, we go through and evaluate:

  • Simple in-house prior art and patent search
  • Evaluate problem, solution, and market need
  • Market search (web, internal databases, experiences, etc.)
  • Analysis of competition and commercial-potential
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Technology readiness level (TRL)
3. Qualification

If we reach this stage we have an initial belief in the idea and continue with:

  • R&D planning and risk assessment
  • Resource analysis (research group, instrumentation, capabilities, etc.)
  • Budget and financial opportunities
  • Patent search (SOP, FTO)
  • Market opportunities
  • Select target market
  • Create IP
  • Approach partners
  • Develop commercial strategy
4. Proof-Of-Concept
  • Feasibility (tech/com.)
  • Build prototype
  • Update IP (+FTO)
  • Dev. business plan
  • Identify risk
5. Commercialization
  • Recruit team
  • Build MVP + update IP (+FTO)
  • Marketing and sale
  • Production and distribution
  • Execution
  • Licensing – to startups or industry
6. Time for a high five and to celebrate