Validé Invest AS

Annually, Validé Invest has the opportunity to invest in 2-6 carefully selected companies from Validé AS’ investment portfolio. The aim is to provide capital and expertise to make the projects attractive to other types of investors (seed, venture capital, angel, etc.). The long-term goal is that the pre-seed portfolio offers Validé a positive return on investment.

Validé Invest acquires matching funds that mirror its investments made through the pre-seed program. Validé AS holds ownership of the government-funded pre-seed capital but is obliged to repay Innovation Norway in the event that gains are made through the sale of portfolio-company shares.

The total value of Validé Invest’s pre-seed fund is, as of Feb. 2017, 25 million NOK. To date, two companies from Validé AS’ portfolio have received funding through the program.

Questions related to Validé AS’ investment programs can be directed to:

Anne Cathrin Østebø

Mobile:                 +47 93 69 90 95