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Learn more about Validé

We work every day to make the world a better place by providing products and solutions derived from research and science, wonderful ideas and new business concepts.

Validé is a non-profit innovation company designed for early stage businesses. It´s all about innovation.

Validé fully facilitates innovation projects from the early research and development phase until commercialisation by providing expertise in technology management, startups, incubation, investment, IPR and IP portfolio management, transactions, technology marketing, prototyping and product development.

Validé is the official technology transfer office of seven research institutes and responsible for the IP portfolio management and commercialisation of their intellectual assets. Validé offers incubation services to high-tech startups including accelerator programs, office space and full service startup packages.


We offer funding through various investment schemes including angel, pre-seed and venture capital funding and regional, national and international public funding schemes.

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Technology Transfer Office (TT0)
The aim of Validé TTO is to commercialize new innovations and discoveries that result from acedemic research and research and development (R&D) to another part for the benefit of the society. Our process involves every stage of the innovation chain from the identification of innovative ideas until licensing or start-up venture, throughout securing Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), innovation management and business development.

Validé TTO’s main mission is to close the gap between science and industry by building a solid and sustainable bridge between inventors and industrial partners.

Validé is TTO partner with seven research institutes.


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To speed up your startup, you may need some skills and methods to reach the market, get investors or trim your business model. We call it ITSA Start and ITSA Connect Growth. It´s a 12 weeks intensive program.

The mission is to give early-stage startups the tools, ecosystem support, and pitch confidence to boost business into a reality. In ITSA dreams come true.

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We are always looking for companies that want to innovate together with others. Validé is hosting one cluster, and we are partner with four others.

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster have 200 companies and 50 municipalities as members. In november 2019 the health cluster qualified themselves to ArenaPro-status from Innovation Norway and SIVA. That means 30 MNOK and five more years with activites.

Validé is partner with five other clusters:
•Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster (ArenaPro from nov.2019),
•Norwegian Energy Solutions (NES)
•Nordic Edge Smart City Cluster,
•Stiim Aqua Cluster and Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster.

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Our goal
Validé aims to become a world-class technology transfer office and incubator serving regional actors and providing a global outreach.

Get in touch with Director of Communications, Hilde Garlid, during the Nordic Edge Expo, and I will guide you to the right person in Validé: