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Intensive business development sprint for your startup

Our accelerator is intensive programs built to get your startup accelerated, tested in the market, and launched forward with investment. We call it ITSA.

Our mission is to give early-stage startups the tools, ecosystem support, and pitch confidence to boost business into a reality.

Our programs is packed with lectures, workshops, and guest speakers to give your startup a strong foundation to grow from. Our hands-on approach to workshops means that we don’t only show you want you need to do, we do it with you. We have a strong team of mentors and ambassadors that will open up customer and investment leads for you.

We are powered by Valide. That means we have over 25 years experience in developing new businesses.

Two programs design for you

ITSA Start: Five weeks, five skills. Basic learning in an intensive business development sprint for your startup. ITSA Start started in 2016, and have already six programs under the belt.
Next program: August 31th 2021.

ITSA Growth: Four month program dedicated to early stage growth companies who have a product, a market and a strategy to grow.
Next program: Oktober 19th 2021.
Stay tuned for program information and upcoming dates at

ITSA gives startups a strong foundation

The ITSA programs is designed with lectures, workshops, and guest speakers to give startups a strong foundation to build from.

We can ́t guarantee success, but we can promise a meaningful journey and the possibility to build a company for the future.

Read more about the program: ITSAccelerator

We are proud of our partners

ITSApartnere 2020


finished ITSA Start


are still alive and kicking


are growing, investment and sale

How to grow your startup? ITSA Growth develops skills and networks

ITSA Growth. falk

Our four month program is dedicated to early stage growth companies.

Our goal is to provide companies with tools, networks and access to finance to develop the company into an international success.
ITSA Connect Growth is a growth program developed and organized by Validé in collaboration with a number of partners.

Validé is ranked as one of Norway's best incubators. We have more than 25 years of experience developing and investing venture capital in new companies. We are early stage specialists and have a current portfolio of around 80 companies. The ROI of our top ten exits is 14.

Our acceleration program, ITSA Start, has been successfully executed six times, with a total of 70 companies. 80 % of them are living in the best of success today.

Our four-month program, ITSA Growth, takes the accelerator up a level. The program is dedicated to early stage startups and you to join the program, you need to have a tested product, a team and a market where you have made some sales.

The program is designed to provide companies with business development tools, networks and investor access. Your company must be ready for growth and ready to raise new capital.

The program will take companies through five key themes: Know yourself, Due Diligence & Capital Raising, Know your market, Capital raising strategies and Growth strategies.

Next program start October 19th 2021 and finish February 2021.
Apply is open: ITSA Growth

Read more: ITSA Growth, program and partners

Please contact if you have questions about the program.

Gjennopplev ITSA Connect Growth bærekraftprogram

ITSA Connect Growth Kyrre Knudsen

BÆREKRAFT OG BANK: Kyrre M. Knudsen er sjefanalytiker i SR-bank, og ga sine bærekraftråd og analyser. (Foto: Hilde Garlid)

ITSA Connect Growth - ESG - Bærekraft & Business - 3. november 2020.

Se livestream her:

• ESG Strategi og investering, Sondre Myge Haugland, Skagenfondene
• ESG – Bærekraft & Business, Tore Mydske, Thommessen Advokater
• Vekstbarometeret ink ESG, Kyrre Martinius Knutsen, Sparebank 1 SR Bank
• Den bærekraftige investoren, Tore Gjedebo fra Investore/FAUNA og Siri Kalvig fra Nysnø
• Bærekraftsmålene – Hvor skal vi begynne? Trygve Meyer og Ida Sørås fra Nordic Edge
• Med hjerte for grønn energi, Brage Johansen, seriegründer med bakgrunn fra Zaptec, Heimdal Power og Desert Control


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