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Validé invest in early stage business

If your company is a part for the Validé portfolio and you can convince our investment board that you will become a success… We would like to invest!

Validé annually evaluate about 500 ideas, and we sign incubator contract with about 50 companies annually. In total, we have around 200 companies at all times in our portfolio. A selection of these, also get funding from Validé AS.

Validé Invest I is our pre-seed fund with a total of NOK 30 million. The fund has the opportunity to invest annually in another two to four carefully selected companies from Validé AS's investment portfolio.

Valide AS

There are various investment programs within Validé's ecosystem, and these are all equity-based and delivered in the form of direct investments or convertible loans. The investment is available for start-up in the incubator and can be followed up with extra investments before the incubation period has ended. These investments will range from NOK 10,000 to 1,000,000. The goal is to secure the right equity in selected start-up companies, help them achieve critical milestones, upscale and professionalize operations and management.

Validé Invest I

Validé Invest I is a pre-seed fund established in 2016. The fund has the opportunity annual to invest in two to four selected incubator companies from Validé AS's investment portfolio.

The purpose of the fund is to give companies in a start-up phase both expertise and capital so they can make the projects attractive to other types of investors; such as Seed Fund, other risk capital, Angel Investment, etc. The long-term goal is that the pre-seed portfolio also gives Validé a positive return on investments.

Until now, seven companies from Validé AS's portfolio have received funding through Validé Invest I. Our experience so far is that NOK 1 invested by the pre-seed fund, trigger an additional NOK 5 from other capital. That´s how we can speed up innovations.

Questions related to Validé AS’ investment programs can be directed to CEO Anne Cathrin Østebø or Director of Investment Johannes Løyning.

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Pre-seed fund Validé Invest I

GROWING: Our experience with the fund Validé Invest I is that one NOK invested from the fund triggers 5 NOK from public and private investors. (Photo: Daniel Hjalmarsson, Unsplash)

Validé Invest I is a pre-seed fund with a total of NOK 30 million, established in 2016. The fund has the opportunity annual to invest in two to four selected incubator companies from Validé AS's investment portfolio. For time being, seven companies have had investment from Validé Invest I, and the fund are doing investment between 10-15 million NOK every year.

Johannes Løyning, startet february 2018 as our Director of Investment for Validé AS. He is also the CEO of Validé Invest I AS.


Anne Cathrin Østebø, Valide AS

Board members:
Stian Helgøy, SR-bank
Eirik Gundegjerde, Lyse
Oddvar Skjæveland, Norce, Ullrigg Test Centre

Investors in Validé Invest 1 AS

Innovasjon Norge, Rogaland kunnskapsinvest (owned by: SIVA, Rogaland fylkeskommune, Ipark AS, Jakob Hatteland Group Management AS, Smedvig Capital AS), SR-bank, Validé Haugesundregionen, Validé AS og Stavanger municipality.

Validé cooperates with other investment environments

Plogen – Supporting new and innovative ideas

The Plogen Program is a regional initiative in Rogaland to support research-based innovation projects leading to the development of new products and services or in other ways making an impact on society. The Program is a key mechanism to elevate technologies from the basic Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 1 – Research, to Technology Optimization (TRL 2-4) and to Proof-of-Concept (TRL 4-6).

Funding Available - Submit an Application!

Eligibility Criteria

  • Employees at the UiS, SUS, NORCE, NIBIO Særheim, NMBU Høyland, HVL Haugesund/Stord and NOFIMA Stavanger can apply for up to 50.000 NOK.
  • The applicant must be employed at the respective research institute throughout the entire project period or in case of students have a valid student status.
  • The underlying intellectual property/concept/idea must be related to the applicant’s research area and area of interest. Or in case of applications from undergraduate and graduate students these eligibility criteria will be assessed on the case by case basis.
  • In case your application is not eligible for support under the Plogen Program, the TTO will still provide an assessment and redirect you to the right program
  • We welcome inter-institutional and multidisciplinary projects so as applications submitted by teams
  • We encourage the involvement of students during the project

Learn more about Plogen: Plogen Program

Submit an Application: Plogen Program Application Form

Funding programs for research-based innovation

GROWTH: Validé is the host of different funding programs. We guide you to the right program and assist you with the application.

FORNY 2020 and proof-of-concept grants

Innovations projects and companies from the research institutions associated with Validé can apply for proof-of-concept grants. These are grants of one to eight million NOK, can be used for verifying the business concept and technology aspects.

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BIOTEK2021 – Optimization

The program is similar to the proof-of-concept funding described above, but focuses on Biotec. The funds can to a greater extent be used on research, but the research has to have a commercial potential. The “optimization” grant is part of the larger The BIOTEK2021 programme which is the Research Council of Norway’s most comprehensive research initiative in the field of biotechnology.

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EU Horizon – SME Instruments

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises that are EU-based or established in a country associated to Horizon 2020, can get EU funding and support for innovation projects that will help them grow and expand their activities into other countries – in Europe and beyond. Horizon 2020 funds high-potential innovation through a dedicated SME instrument, which offers seamless business innovation support.

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Innovation Norway – Startup Support

Innovation Norway offers help to entrepreneurs and promising Start-ups who have growth ambitions and have established an innovative business concept which represenst something new and significant in the market. One of the main objectives is to help enterprises by removing barriers for global success.

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Pumps&Pipes Norway

Norway Pumps & Pipes (NP&P) is a platform to bring together professional groups, who may not otherwise have the opportunity to interact, for the transfer of knowledge and technology. NP&P is a dynamic tool for developing new ideas, new solutions, and new products. The cooperative partners behind the initiative are Stavanger University Hospital (SUS), International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS), University of Stavanger (UiS), and Greater Stavanger.

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Space Transfer

Space Transfer is a technology transfer broker network managed by the European Space Agency. Our goal is to obtain technology transfers between space and non-space industries by way of spin-out or spin-in activities. ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) aims at strengthening European industry by identifying new business opportunities for providers of space technologies and systems.

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How can the state support new businesses?

FUNDING: There are numerous state funding options. If you qualify as a skilled entrepreneur, have both a solid business plan and promising product, you are eligible for state funding.

Validé has dedicated team members to assist you with obtaining government funding. Our know-how includes extensive knowledge of the available programs, rigging your innovation project, and writing applications. If needed, Validé can also assist in getting you up to a qualified eligibility level through our accelerator and mentoring programs.

A general overview of agencies and programs offering funding:

Innovation Norway (IN)

The Norwegian research council (NFR)


Rogaland County Council (ROGFK)

Stavanger Municipality

European Space Agency (ESA)



Funding for clusters (IN)