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Develop skills and network at ITSA Growth

Our four-month program is a training program for dedicated early stage growth companies.

Our mission is to give early stage growth companies the tools, network and funding leads to support the building of international growth companies.

The ITSA Growth Program is developed and facilitated by Validé in collaboration with our partners.
Validé is ranked as one of Norway’s best incubators. We have more than 20 years of experience in developing and investing high risk capital in new companies. We are early phase specialists and have a current portfolio of around 80 companies. ROI on our ten best exits is 14. Validé has successfully run six previous accelerator programs.

Our four-month program is a training program for dedicated early stage growth companies. The program is designed to give companies business development tools, network, investor leads and skills to get fundraising ready and to grow. The program will take companies through five essential themes: Know yourself, Due diligence & Fundraising, Know your market, Strategies for raising capital and Strategies for Growth.

Our next ITSA Growth starts 19.oktober 2021.
Apply: You can apply now for the next program. Use this form to apply.

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ITSA Connect Growth partnere

JOIN US: We are proud of our partners. They all share their knowledge and time to guide new companies to success.

What´s in it for you?

The program is a dedicated to early-stage growth companies. The purpose is to provide companies in the early phase, as well as companies in the SME segment, with more tools, networks and access to financing in order to develop the company into an international success. The program is designed to provide companies with business development tools, networks, expertise and investor access.

Validé is ranked as one of the best incubators in Norway's by SIVA. We have more than 20 years of experience in developing and investing venture capital in new companies. We are specialists in the early stages and have a current portfolio of around 80 companies. Validé has previously run six ITSA programs.

LEADER: Gry Isabel Sannes is the founder, and leader of the ITSA-programs and of the incubator of Validé. (Foto: Hilde Garlid)

Statments from former participants:

«ITSA Growth has been a fantastic help for AniPort. Through their huge network we were able to raise capital from experienced and solid investors. Validé offers a creative and competent environment with many knowledgeable people who have a unique commitment to entrepreneurs. Many thanks to everyone at Validé! We love you - »
Karoline Solheim, CEO in Aniport

«When growing a company in an extremely competitive industry, like the energy storage market, we have no time to loose. Therefore it was no doubt for Beyonder to attend ITSA Growth after we were introduced to the topics and the experienced partners in the program. We needed an arena where we could test and experiment “off the record” our busines concepts without having fear to fail and at the same time build relationship to potential new business partners. ITSA Growth is highly recommended by the Beyonder management team for all companies that aim for this opportunity.»
Bjarte Magnussen, CFO i Beyonder

Next program: 19. oktober 2021
Open apply:
Use this form to apply

Who can apply?
• Companies in early growth
• Companies registered in Norway
• Companies that plan to raise capital
• Team with dedication to grow

Practical learning and guidance

We strongly believe in network meetings, sharing of experience and practical guidance. In the program we include funding partners, industry partners, academic partners and other experts in guidance, networking, feedback, lectures and workshops.

Innovasjonspark Stavanger or we visit to our partners

Program fee:
28.000, - NOK each company

Lean more about the ITSA universe:

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