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ITSA start

ITSA Start - how to start a business

ITSA Start is a 12 weeks program designed to accelerate new business ideas.

This year's program starts on 16. March 2021, and the finale is DemoDay on May 2021.

For questions related to the program or application, contact business developer Vibeke Lavik Bjaanes in Validé.

ITSA Start is designed to accelerate new business ideas, market your product and make companies ready to go further with new partners and investors.

Validé's mission is to provide startup companies with early stage tools, an ecosystem and skills in presentation to increase the chance that ideas can be realized.

The ITSA Start program is packed with lectures, workshops and skilled guest lecturers that give start-ups a strong foundation to grow. Our practical approach through workshops means that we not only show you what you need, but we walk the way with you. We have a strong team of mentors who open up their customer and investor networks for you.

ITSA derives much of its strength from the team in and around Validé. This means we have over 20 years of experience developing new businesses.

The accelerator ITSA started in 2016 and already has six programs on the CV. The seventh ITSA program started 16. March 2021. Stay tuned for program information and upcoming dates at ITSA

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In Validé, we are especially focused on business ideas that aims to solve the global challenges that we face. Which of these sustainability goals would you say is most suitable for your business idea?

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