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From find to field in minutes, not years

FOUNDER: Trond Rolfsvåg (Photo: Line Viste, Solabladet)

With Hydrophilic technology, you'll be able to find the oil/water contact without having to drill additional wells. By measuring water and oil pressure inside the reservoir rock —a method never available before— we remove the need for a second appraisal well.

This will significantly shorten the appraisal phase and limit the environmental impact.

With one measurement, you'll know whether the reservoir is worth developing.

Empowered by Validé
Hydrophilic's technology goes against the textbook. Nevertheless, the founder Trond Rolfsvåg has managed, by using and preserving his enthusiasm and building relationships, to fund Project Phase 1 in collaboration with five major academic environments, including Equinor.

The technology consists of measuring the oil and water pressure at the same level in the reservoir, which makes it possible to calculate free water level (FWL), or the «floor» in the reservoir and in turn the hydrocarbon volume. It is time-and money-saving for the oil industry.

The company was established in 2016, the «Proof of Conception» phase completed in 2017. Hydrophilic has been a incubator company since 2017.