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Gentle Movement

THE TEAM: Elen Haugs Langvik, Bjørn Lorentzen, Andreas Smith, Arvid Bjerre and Nina Fagerheim Åmodt. (Photo: Hilde Garlid, Validé)

Revolutionizing turning of patients

A total of one in five patients at European health institutions suffer from pressure ulcers due to constant pressure in a region of the body over time. The main reason is the absence of regular movement. Today's solution is manual turning by health professionals. This is painful for the patients, health professionals are exposed to heavy lifting and it becomes resource-intensive for the institutions. Tidewave is solving this problem by making the procedure automatic and gentle.

Tidewave R&D AS develops a unique and smart turning mattress that automatically turns and moves users with reduced mobility, on a self-contained time interval.

Empowered by Validé
Tidewave R&D AS develops a unique and smart mattress that automatically turns and moves users who have reduced mobility. The company was established in 2016 by Elen Haugs Langvik, who inherited a patent from his grandfather. Together with two fellow students (UiS) they participated in ITSA tech acelerator and formed the company Tidewave R&D AS.

Tidewave has won several awards, including the Nordic Startup Awards 2018 as «Best Health Tech Start Up».