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ITSA Growth grønne blader

Develop skills and network at ITSA Growth

Our four-month program is a training program for dedicated early stage growth companies.
Our mission is to give early stage growth companies the tools, network and funding leads to support the building of international growth companies.

The ITSA Growth Program is developed and facilitated by Validé in collaboration with our partners.
Validé is ranked as one of Norway’s best incubators. We have 20 years of experience in developing and investing high risk capital in new companies. We are early phase specialists and have a current portfolio of around 80 companies. ROI on our ten best exits is 14. Validé has successfully run five previous accelerator programs.

Our four-month program is a training program for dedicated early stage growth companies. The program is designed to give companies business development tools, network, investor leads and skills to get fundraising ready and to grow. The program will take companies through five essential themes: Know yourself, Due diligence & Fundraising, Know your market, Strategies for raising capital and Strategies for Growth.

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* Disse rubrikkene er obligatoriske

Name of your company, org. Nr. and company address here: Selskapsnavn, org. Nr. og selskapsadresse:

Your full name / Ditt navn

Your phone number / Ditt tlf. Nr.

Describe shortly your expectations for the ITSA Growth program. / Beskriv kort dine forventninger til ITSA Growth programmet

Describe your product/service in less than 50 words. / Beskriv ditt produkt med max 50 ord

Briefly explain your business model. / Beskriv kort din forretningsmodell

Briefly describe the problem you are solving and who you are solving it for. / Beskriv kort problemet du løser og hvem du løser det for

What is your web page address. / Din hjemmeside

Please list the team members and their respective roles in the company. Include links to their LinkedIn profiles. / List opp navn på alle i teamet/alle ansatte med tittel, samt legg ved lenke til Linkedin profil til alle

How is the current Cap Table? Please name the owners of the company? Hvem er eierne av selskapet

How much capital are you planning to raise within the next 6 – 12 months, and at what valuation (pre money)? / Hvor mye kapital planlegger selskapet å hente de neste 6 til 12 mnd?

Is your company established in Norway

ITSA Growth is a accelerator program for companies incorporated in Norway. Is your company established in Norway? / ITSA Growth er et akselerator program for selskaper registrert i Norge. Er ditt selskap registrert i Norge?

When was your company established and what inspired you and your co-founders to start the company? / Når ble selskapet etablert og hvorfor ble selskapet etablert?

Describe the traction your company have today. Say something about sales, turnover, vital partner agreements and so forth. / Si kort noe om status på selskapet i dag. Beskriv med antall kunder, omsetting, relevante partneravtaler osv.

Describe shortly the growth ambition for the next 3 years / Beskriv kort vekstambisjonene til selskapet de nest 3 årene

Is the core team fully committed

Is the core team fully committed and able to join in all six program sessions located in Stavanger / Er kjerne-teamet i selskapet dedikert og klare for å delta på alle 6 program-bolkene som vil finne sted i Stavanger området?*

We aim to contribute to solving outspoken global challenges. This is the UN sustainability goals we focus on: 3: Good Health and well-being, 5: Gender equality, 7: Affordable and clean energy, 9: Industry, Innovation and infrastructure, 12: Responsible consumption and production, 13 Climate action, 17: Partnerships for the goals. Please name a minimum two goals supported by your company. Vi støtter opp om FNs bærekrafts mål. Dette er de 7 målene vi legger vekt på i ITSA Growth: 3: God helse, 5, Likestilling mellom kjønnene, 7: Ren energi for alle, 9: Innovasjon og infrastruktur, 12: Ansvarlig forbruk og produksjon, 13: Stoppe klimaendringene, 17: Samarbeid for å nå målene. Nevn minst to av disse klimamålene som er relevante for strategien i selskapet.*

How did you hear about the ITSA Growth program / Hvordan fikk du vite om ITSA Growth programmet?