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Inkubator I8

Validé runs one of Norway’s leading incubators

Validé have more than 20 years of experience developing businesses from initial idea to commercial success, evaluating around 500 ideas/early stage companies annually.

Validé invests time and capital in the companies we work with and we have an early phase investment strategy. We have a broad industry and research network, as well as access to public and private capital which we draw on actively in the development of our incubator companies.

Our primary focus areas include:

• Energy
• Health & Care Technology
• Tech
• Food & Nature
• Art & Business, design and communications

The incubator is located at Innovasjonspark Stavanger at Ullandhaug. We provide a dynamic start-up environment with a combination of office facilities, collaboration between incubator companies, incubator services, expertise networks, professional events and a social arena.

We are passionate about meeting new teams/companies and hearing new ideas, so get in touch and let us know what you are up to!

Welcome to Validé - our services

VALUE: Our main goal is to create value for the scientists, the entrepreneurs and for the benefit of the society. (Photo: Hilde Garlid)

As an company in our incubator, there are several useful things that is good to know about our service:

Advisors and office premises

As an entrepreneur in the incubator you have access to all the mentors in Validé.

You can read more about our team here: Team Validé

Validé's main office is located in the Innovasjonspark Stavanger, and you find the incubator is the building i8 in Måltidets Hus. We also have incubators at Validé Haugeundregionen, Validé Jæren and Validé Dalane.

Innovasjonspark Stavanger offers a varied set of work space, offices or drop-in space at favorable prices for the incubator companies.
Contact: Trygg Bugge

Do you need an intensive business development course that makes your idea and business model better equipped to meet your future investors? Then the ITSA accelerator is the right thing for you:

Communication. This is how we keep in touch

At our website we publish news, events, updated contact information for the entire organization and links to useful pages. Follow us on Facebook.
On Instagram we are called: @valideinnovation

Useful events

Incubator companies receive invitations to different, free events that will give you knowlegde, inspiration, a great network of people how are interested in innovations and new ideas, and hopefully also will give you useful contacts to expand your business. Alle the events will be annonced at the calendar at our websites of Validé and Innovasjonspark Stavanger.

INCUBATOR LUNCH: We invite all the incubator companies and their networks to meet for inspiration and discussion. Karin Berentsen in the company ARCT is among those who have contributed to the professional quality of lunch. (Photo: Hilde Garlid)

You don´t want to miss this

Incubator lunch

Gatherings with incubator companies and their networks for inspiration and discussion.

Eat, Think & Innovate

Innovasjonspark Stavanger and Validé's monthly theme lunch adds knowledge, industry and networks.

Validé Day

A lunch invitation where we invite our entire network and where we present the latest news from innovation and entrepreneurship going on at Validé. Good food, high energy, strong presentations, useful information and efficient networking.

Meet your neighbor at breakfast

First Wednesday every month, Validé and Innovasjonspark Stavanger invite for half an hour with a nice breakfast on the Hemsen in Måltidets Hus. Two-three companies present themselves, very briefly.

Innovation Breakfast

Innovation Dock and Validé invite to join our lunch seminars, where we address current topics within innovation and entrepreneurship. The breakfast seminars are held on the pier at the Innovation Dock in Stavanger East or at Validé in Innovasjonspark Stavanger, Ullandhaug.


Are you wondering what´s the scientist at UiS are doing? We invite a researcher to have an popular scientific presentation about their own research at the campus hotel Ydalir. Nice end to a working day.


Matløypa is the last event in September during the national science festival «Forskningsdagene». Måltidets hus and Arkivenes hus participate. Here we have the opportunity to show what´s going on in research about food. Annualy around 350 guests visit us during the day, and the event is one of several from the entire enviroment of science and food around Ullandhaug.

Incubator benefits

Together, Validé and Innovasjonspark Stavanger have negotiated benefit agreements with discounts or free hours of advice. Something only applies to incubator companies and something applies only to tenants. For the incubator companies you have advantages at the design agency, law office, market analyzes, hotels etc. There are different offers: free seminar, 2-5 hours free advice or discounts up to 20%

You can find more information about each contributor to the benefit agreements on this page.

Student Force Task - special offer for incubator companies

STUDENTS AT WORK: Lawstudent Kristoffer H. Kingsrød has produced video for several incubator companies, Fredrik Fjellså is the coordinator of Student Force Task, Narges Karimi has worked for Nina Rødsmoen in the incubator company Showercare. Business developer and incubator adviser Marit Størseth. (Photo: Hilde Garlid)

Validé collaborates with UiS to get students jobs and experience in our incubator companies. You can have a student, for free, at work for 25 to 50 hours. That gives the students useful experience from the start-up industry, and the incubator companies receive free assistance. Often the staff doubles during this period!

Design Lab

Incubator benefits

Validé is continuously working to negotiate benefit agreements that provide incubator companies with free and / or discounted guidance / advice from Validé’s partners. Here you will find the overview:

Creator Makerspace is

an attractive place where inventors are helped to develop their ideas into reality. Creator connects local entrepreneurs with local businesses for common opportunities. Innovators can, among other things, test new technology, meet other partners in the region, build networks with industry, make prototypes for industry, and take the lead and create companies.

Free offer: Help with developing prototypes and first version of the product + Access to courses and events at Creator + Access to meeting rooms through Validé.

Evne Markedsanalyse provides services to entrepreneurs in Rogaland who have a need for structure in the way they approach market analysis. Evne’s vision is that small and medium-sized businesses must have access to market information tailored to their needs. Evne works with their clients so that they themselves acquire the necessary knowledge to find sustainable business models.

Free offer: 2 hours assistance: mapping the needs of the individual company, outlining important challenges in its field of work and contributing with concrete advice as much as possible.

Inventas is a design agency that offers design services within innovation, product design, service design and product development and simulation. At Inventas you will meet designers and product developers with backgrounds from industrial design and engineering as well as the fact that “Design thinking” is in their blood.

Free offer: 5 hours assistance in design: lessons in design for start-ups + direct work for the company within, among other things, visualization of ideas, mapping of design needs and pre-production advices.

Kluge and Håmsø has expertise and long experience in helping entrepreneurs. We know that the particular start phase is tough. The revenue stream is not yet in place and it is targeted on limited funds. At the same time, the need for professional advice is great. Rights shall be secured, agreements entered into, company established and key personnel attached to the company. There is much to have in mind, while developing business and technology requires full focus.

Free offer: Seminar on central IP Legal Strategies + Follow-up meeting after seminar.

Discounted offer: Possibility of additional assistance on favorable terms, including Kluge’s digital client portal.

Kluge’s offer applies only to selected incubator companies.

Scandic is the largest hotel chain in the Nordic region, with nearly 230 hotels in seven countries. From small meetings to large conferences, Scandic has the facilities, expertise and service needed for a successful event.

Discounted offers: Discount for up to 20 rooms: 10% in Norway; 6% in Denmark; 5% in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Poland and Finland.

Skarpsinn is a communications and innovation agency that contributes with long-term brand strategy, internal pride building, marketing and innovation processes. Skarpsinn has people who are strategists, designers, copywriters and web creators.

Free offer: 5 hour assistance + 2-page report with concrete advice on market communication.

Kjell Haver Regnskapsservice was established in 1975 and is today one of Rogaland’s leading accounting offices. The company employs over 30 employees and provides services for traditional accounting and payroll services, as well as financial advisory services in accounting and tax matters. Kjell Haver Accounting Services performs assignments both at the client and in their own premises, depending on the customer’s wishes and needs. The company can handle all or part of the accounting and reporting work.

Free offer: Up to 3 hours assistance in mapping needs, outlining key challenges and ensuring control of the financial situation.

Deloitte has an office day in the Innovation Park on a regular basis. These days are announced. Deloitte is a market-leading company providing audit, lawyer services, financial advisory services, risk analyzes and consulting services. Deloitte strives to help customers realize their ambitions, to make a positive difference in society, and get the best potential of their own employees.

Embla Software Innovation is creating their own software. There are several companies in the Innovation Park, Stavanger that already use Embla's “Extended Office”: your software developers in our office. Today, there are 60 people at Embla's office in Colombo, Sri Lanka and everyone is working with Norwegian companies developing their own software.
The main owner of Embla is a Norwegian citizen living and married in Sri Lanka. He knows the culture and can act as "translator" both professionally, socially and culturally. This is reflected in the prize Embla won in Sri Lanka in 2018 as the best company in the country managing distributed teams across borders, time zones and cultures.

Offer: Twice a year, Embla invites you to a one or two day free work shop at Innovation Park Stavanger. The goal is to map the needs of the individual company, outline important challenges in distributed development and provide the most practical advice using Extended Office. In addition, Embla invites to one-to-one meetings with free individual consultations when they are in Norway, around four times a year.

Innovasjonspark Stavanger Incubator company get a discount on hiring office space in the Innovasjonspark Stavanger. As a tenant, there is a number of facilities you can use. More information about the benefits here:

Please contact Trygg Bugge: if you want to check out a new office or working space, permanent or temporary.